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PlayThru is a golf tournament scoring software that's SIMPLE for golfers, EASY for organizers and FUN for groups.

Golf events of any size can create scorecards that open on any mobile browser—NO APPS TO DOWNLOAD.

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How It Works

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    Create an Event
    Set up event details, upload golfers and adjust course settings.
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    Share One Link
    Share one shortened link with all your golfers.
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    Start Scoring
    Golfers open the link on their mobile browsers, find their names and start scoring.
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Look Daddy! I can did it!
Lily, age 3, Scorecard Usability Consultant

What PlayThru Can Do

  • stroke play golf event icon
    Stroke Play Scoring
    Automatically calculate stroke play scores and break ties. Perfect for golf scrambles.
  • Stableford scoring icon
    Stableford Scoring
    Award points based on a golfer's score in relation to par.
  • Match Play
    Match Play Scoring
    Pit two golfers in a match play format. The leaderboard breaks down the matches.
  • Two person best ball icon
    Two-Person Best Ball Scoring
    Pair golfers together and use the best score of the two.
  • Golf Skins Icon
    Calculate both gross and net skins.
  • Golf Handicaps Icon
    Apply handicaps and adjust player handicaps for the tees they're playing.
  • Golf flights icon
    Group golfers by playing ability or divide into teams.
  • Golf flights icon
    Shotgun Start
    Start all your golfers off on different holes.
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"It was amazing how many used the mobile scorecard. I can't imagine doing another event without it."
Joe Pulizzi, The Orange Effect Foundation


PlayThru has partnered with Golf EMS, an online golf event registration and payment processing system.

Now event golfers can register and pay online, and then be seamlessly imported into PlayThru's live scoring system.

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