Simple live scoring for Golf Courses

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Announce Winners & Skins Within Seconds of the Last Group Finishing

Avoid the end-of-outing chaos and delay that comes with collecting everyone's scorecards, manually adding their scores, and then going hole by hole to determine skins.

With PlayThru, golfers enter their scores after each hole. Once, the last group finishes, the leaderboard is final and skins are calculated in seconds along with payouts.

How It Works

Schedue a 15-minute demo
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Customize PlayThru For Your Course

Logo & Backgrounds

PlayThru is one of the only mobile scoring systems that enables you to customize the look of the scorecard to your course.

  1. Replace our logo with yours.
  2. Add custom background images to each hole and the leaderboard.
  3. Sell up to 18 full-screen display ads (see below).
Custom PlayThru Golf Scorecard

Sell 18 Hole Transition Ads

Hole transition ads can be applied to specific holes and appear as a golfer taps the next hole link. 

These full-screen, display ads get your sponsors in front of a captive, highly sought-after audience.

Add a link to each ad and enable your golfers to take advantage of special sponsor offers. 

Pay for Playthru with as little as 1 sponsor.

PlayThru hole transition ads

What PlayThru Can Do

  • Golf event management icon
    Event Management
    Manage all your events in one place, including names, dates, golfers, and more.
  • Scorecard icon
    Mobile Scorecard
    Share one shortened link with all golfers—NO APPS. They open it on any mobile browser.
  • golf leaderboard icon
    Live Leaderboard
    The live leaderboard shows the up-to-date scores of all golfers. Also, group golfers into flights.
  • Skin icon
    Calculate gross or net skin to see who won skins, how many, on which holes, and their payout.
  • Skin icon
    Multi-Round Tournaments
    Set up golf tournaments with up to four rounds.
  • Custom logo icon
    Customized Look
    Upload your logo and background images to make PlayThru your own scorecard.
  • Hole transition ad icon
    Hole Transition Ads
    Generate revenue by selling up to 18 hole sponsorships.
  • Import golfers icon
    Import Golfers
    Import your golfer names, handicaps, flights and more from a CSV file.
  • Export golfers icon
    Export Results
    After the round, export all golfer hole and round scores to a CSV file.

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