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Refer a course & get unlimited events  for life

PlayThru Custom Accounts let any organization or group transform our scorecards with their branding and images. And, with hole transition ads, they can make a ton of money. 

We need help spreading the word, so we figured we’d incentivize our users.

How It Works

Register a golf course (or any organization) below.

If that course (or organization) signs up for a Custom PlayThru account, you get Unlimited Events for life

After your first account signs up, each additional organization you register that signs up will earn you a $50 Amazon gift card.

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Custom PlayThru Backgrounds

Why Courses Choose PlayThru

Courses choose PlayThru because it …

  • Makes them money—Sell up to 18 hole transition ads.
  • Simplifies event management and end-of-round scoring.
  • Wows golfers with branded mobile scorecards that feature their logo and images. 
  • Encourages repeat play by introducing golfers to the fun and excitement of live scoring.

At just $199 for 12 months, PlayThru Custom can pay for itself with one sponsorship and it costs THOUSANDS LESS that other mobile scoring apps. 

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Custom PlayThru Account

Course Registration

Any business you register below that signs up for a PlayThru Custom Account will get you unlimited events for life. Each additional account gets you a $50 Amazon gift card.

Referral Incentive Terms and Conditions

  • You must be a PlayThru user to be eligible.
  • Registrations expire after 45 days.
  • If multiple PlayThru users register the same organization, each user will receive unlimited events and backgrounds. If users are eligible to receive a $50 Amazon gift card, only the first to register the organization within a 45-day time period will receive the $50 gift card.
  • Only one gift card given out per custom account sign up.
  • You must be over 18 years old to register an organization.
  • You can only register one (1) course or business at a time. If you complete the above from more than once, only the most recent organization will be registered to your account.