Referral Rewards Program

Earn $50 for Each referral

Help Us Change the Way Golf Keeps Score!

PlayThru's mission is to change the way golf keeps score because the game is more fun and exciting with a leaderboard. To accomplish this, we need your help and WE WANT TO PAY YOU FOR IT.

If you refer PlayThru to any golf course, non-profit, school or organization who signs up for our custom scorecards, WE WILL PAY YOU $50 EACH TIME.

How Our Referral Program Works


Email Us

Send an email to with the name of a course or organization in the body of the email.


Pitch PlayThru

Pitch PlayThru and encourage them to create a free account or schedule a 15-minute demo with us.


Get $50

If that course or organization upgrades to our Custom Scorecard features, we'll send you $50.

How to Get Your $50 Reward


We'll ask for your address, and then mail you a check for $50.

$50 donation*

If you don't need the $50, you can instead ask us to make a donation to a cause of your choice and we'll do so on your behalf.

Just include the name of the non-profit in your email.

*Some restrictions apply.

Reasons Golf Courses Choose PlayThru

Speeds up end-of-round scoring

Calculates gross and net skins

Easy event setup

No apps to download

Customize the scorecard with logo & background images

Sell up to 18 ads

And, PlayThru Costs Thousands Less Than Other Solutions

Custom PlayThru Account

The Fine Print

Unfortunately, there are some terms and conditions for the PlayThru referral program.

  • You do not need to be a PlayThru user to be eligible.
  • Registrations expire after 120 days. You can ask to renew it though.
  • Referral rewards are paid only after the referred organization has made its third payment monthly payment.
  • If multiple people register the same course or organization, the first person to register the course will receive the referral reward as long as the 120-day expiration period hasn't expired. If it has, the second person to register the course will receive the reward so long as the registration date is within the 120-day expiration period.
  • Only one $50 reward will be given out per upgraded client account.
  • You must be over 18 years old to register a course or organization.
  • You can only register up to 5 golf courses or organizations at one time. If you've registered 5 organizations, you can swap one out for a different one. You have to tell us in your email which registered organization your swapping. If you do not, any organization registered after five will be disregarded. An upgraded course you've registered does not count against your registration limit.
  • PlayThru retains the right to refuse making donations to any organizations and causes, including political campaigns, hate groups, and those supporting oppression and marginalizing people by race, religion, gender, or nationality.
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