High School & College Golf Tournament Scoring

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Make golf tournaments more competitive while giving spectators a way to track the action.

Golf is a sport and, to be competitive, sports need a scoreboard. Give your high school and collegiate golfers a way see how the competition is performing, so they can play more strategically.

And, give parents and spectators a way to track their favorite player's performance the from anywhere.

How It Works

1. Customize

With PlayThru, replace our branding with your school's logo, images and colors.

  1. Upload your logo.
  2. Upload any school or course images as hole backgrounds.
  3. Add your brand colors.

2. Create Events

PlayThru is designed as a simple mobile scoring system. Create and manage your events in three, quick steps:

  1. Configure the event format.
  2. Import your golfers.
  3. Share one short link or QR code with everyone.

Golfers open the link on any mobile browser, select their name and start entering scores. Spectators open the link, open the live leaderboard and can view scores in real time.

PlayThru fundraiser cart flier
"Thanks for a super simple and helpful tool. It made our end of season school golf tournament so much better than it could have been without it."
Jeremiah Hightower, Rochester Hills Christian School

3. Generate Revenue

PlayThru gives you two ways to promote your school or generate revenue that can go back to funding your golf program:

  1. Hole Sponsor Logos: Feature sponsor logos at the bottom of each hole screen and the live leaderboard.
  2. Hole Transition Ads: Feature full-screen sponsor ads for three seconds as golfers navigate from one hole to the next.
PlayThru hole transition ad

4. Award Winners

As soon as the last golfer finishes, recognize the winners without delay.

In addition, the master scorecard can calculate skin winners, including:

  • Who won
  • How many
  • On what holes
  • Their total payout
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