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Coordinating golf events is a lot of work, and event day is so hectic you often don’t get to enjoy it.

Let PlayThru consolidate event details, automate scoring, and give greater visibility to your generous sponsors.

All the while, your golfer's get the fun and excitement of a live leaderboard.

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Everyone loved it! They all told me they were constantly watching the leaderboard for updated scoring to see where they stood with everyone else in real time.
Jason Bennet

Manage Outing Details

Consolidate all golf outing details in one location and avoid the hassles of duplicate, outdated spreadsheets.

PlayThru includes an outing organizer specifically designed to manage golfer/group details, course information, and hole competitions.

Learn More.

PlayThru outing organizer

Set Up Multiple Rounds

Create multi-round events within PlayThru that will show total tournament scores along with day of scores, just like the pros.

Share the same link for each round. Golfers simply select the round they are playing and start entering scores.

You can set up multi-round events with the same format or multi-format multi-round events similar to the Ryder Cup.

PlayThru live golf tournament leaderboard
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Automate End-of-Round Scoring

The excitement of most outings stall as you wait for all scorecards to be submitted only to then start manually reviewing and posting scores.

Leave that work to PlayThru. The live leaderboard automatically calculates scores and ranks players in real time. It will also break ties.

If your event has flights, the leaderboard is broken up by flight automatically.

PlayThru live golf tournament leaderboard
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Master Controls

Inevitably, some golfers won't enter their scores or will enter a score wrong.

As the organizer, you have access to a master scorecard. From here, you'll see all golfers listed alphabetically.

Tap any name to reveal their scorecard and edit their scores.

The master scorecard is protected by a pin number you set up in the outing organizer.

PlayThru master scorecard


From the master scorecard, you can also calculate skins.

  1. Select who paid up to participate in the skins game.
  2. Enter the total amount collected for skins.
  3. Calculate skins by either gross or net scores.

PlayThru will break down:

  • Who won skins.
  • How many skins they won.
  • The holes they won skins on.
  • How much each skin is worth.
  • How much each golfer should be paid.
PlayThru skins calculator

Sponsor Recognition

Upload sponsor logos and feature them on specific holes. The logo will appear at the bottom of the screen without interfer with player usage of the scorecard.

PlayThru custom scorecards

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