Simple live scoring For Company Golf Events

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Help Your Team Build Rapport and Strength Relationships

One of the best parts of any golf event is reliving your round with everyone afterwards over drinks. Let your customers, employees, prospects and partners do so with the context only a live leaderboard can provide.

And, with PlayThru, your scorecards can be branded for your organization and feature company and sponsor messaging.

How It Works

1. Account Setup

With PlayThru, white label our scorecards with your company logo, images and colors.

  1. Upload your logo.
  2. Upload any company images as hole backgrounds.
  3. Add your brand colors.

2. Create Events

Set up and manage your events in three, quick steps:

  1. Configure your event settings.
  2. Add or import your golfers.
  3. Share one short link or QR code with everyone.

Golfers open the link on any mobile browser, select their name and start entering scores.

Try the link or QR code in the image.

PlayThru fundraiser cart flier

3. Recognize

Promote your products, showcase partners or generate awareness for sponsors with hole logos or full screen ads.

  1. Hole Sponsor Logos: Feature sponsor logos at the bottom of each hole screen and the live leaderboard.
  2. Hole Transition Ads: Feature full-screen sponsor ads for three seconds as golfers navigate from one hole to the next.
PlayThru hole transition ad

4. Award Prizes

As soon as the last group finishes, you can announce your winners and award prize money within seconds.

In addition, calculate skin automatically, including:

  • Who won
  • How many
  • On what holes
  • Their total payout
Live charity golf outing leaderboard
Schedue a 15-minute demo
"The app/interface is brilliant. Thanks for creating such an easy and convenient way to track an event."
Lee Smith


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