Mobile Scorecard & Leaderboard

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Create a Scorecard

As easy as a printed scorecard, but FAR more fun.

Create an event in 3 steps and share one shortened link with every golfer and spectator. All they have to do is open the link on any mobile browser — No Apps to Download.

How It Works

Open the Link & Select Up to 4 Golfers

After golfers open the shortened link, they simply select who they are keeping score for (up to 4), and then tap "Tee Off."


For spectators, there's a button at the bottom that will take them directly to the leaderboard.

PlayThru golfer select screen

Input Scores

After tapping "Tee Off," golfers will be taken to their starting hole. Here they can tap the white ball and enter their hole scores.

Golfers will also see:

  • Par and handicap for the hole (if entered)
  • Hole competition (if entered)
  • Each golfer's handicap
  • Each golfer's score or points.
  • Leaderboard snapshot
PlayThru scorecard hole screen
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We had a 1 stroke lead with 2 holes to play. We were glued to that leaderboard!
Alex Lundbeck

Track the Leaderboard

From any hole, golfers can access the live leaderboard and see realtime scores for every golfer and the number of holes played.

Match play events will see a list of matches with holes won by the opposing golfers, how many holes were played, and the status of the match (e.g., Dormie or Won).

With flights turned on, the leaderboard will be broken up by flight, with each golfer ranked within their group.  

Show on a TV Screen

The live leaderboard auto-refreshes every 60 seconds. So, pull up the leaderboard on a big screen TV at the event so everyone can monitor the scores as they come in.

PlayThru Live Leaderboard

Review & Submit

After the round, golfers can review and edit their scorecard before officially submitting it.

PlayThru scorecard review screen
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Master Scorecard

Access and Edit Any Scorecard

Tap the "Organizer Only" link at the bottom of the Leaderboard screen to access, review and edit any scorecard.

Great for entering missing cards or updating mistakes.

The master scorecard is protected by a Pin you set when creating your event.

PlayThru master scorecard


Select who's involved in a skins game and enter in a dollar amount collected.

PlayThru will then calculate gross or net hole skins won, how many, on what holes, and each winner's payout.

PlayThru Skins Calculator

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