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Let Golfers Sign Up & Pay For Your Event

One of the biggest challenges of running a golf event is keeping tabs on who's attending and then collecting their money. We've been there. We get it!

With PlayThru's golf event registration tool, you don't have to try to organize chaos anymore. And, with one click, add registered golfers to your mobile scorecard.

Get Started in 3 Steps

1. Share Your Registration Link

Feature all event details and registration options in one page where participants can sign up and (if necessary) pay.

2. Manage Participants

Manage all participants in one screen, keeping tabs on who's registered, any special requests, and who's paid.

3. Add Golfers to Scorecard

When ready, select all the registered golfers and add them to the event scorecard with one click.

What Does it Cost?

This feature is FREE to use for outing organizers. Create a registration page, customize registration options and manage participants at no cost.

If you collect payments, PlayThru charges a platform fee to the registrant. This amount is added to the cost at checkout so no money comes out of the amount you collect. Learn more about the fee here.

Create an Event Registration Page

How to Create a Registration Page

1. Add Event Details

Enter in the important information that participants need to know about your event.

  • Description
  • Course Name
  • Course Address
  • Image
PlayThru golfer management screen

2. Add Registration Options

Create individual registration options that attendees can select when signing up. Give each registration option a:

  • Category (golfer, non-golfer, sponsor)
  • Name (shows on registration page)
  • Description
  • Price (if collecting fees)
PlayThru golf course manager

3. Connect a Bank Account

If you choose to collect fees at registration, you can securely connect a bank account to PlayThru using Stripe.

Any payments collected will be passed directly to your bank account. PlayThru charges a 5% processing fee (which includes Stripe's processing fees) and these are paid for by the registrant at checkout, not you.

Don't want to Collect Fees?

That's perfectly fine. PlayThru's registration feature is otherwise free to use.

PlayThru golfer management screen

4. Share One Link

Share your registration page link with anyone who may be interested in signing up. These individuals do not need a PlayThru account to register. All they need to do is:

  • Select the registration option
  • Fill out their information
  • Check out and pay fees (if required)
  • Show up to your event ready to play
Share the mobile scorecard link

5. Manage Particpants

In one table, see everyone who has registered for your event, how they registered, who has paid and how much.

You can also manually add attendees who don't go through the registration page and edit any of the information associated with each of the participant.

PlayThru golfer management screen

6. Push Golfers to the Scorecard

When registration is complete, simply select your golfers and with one click add them directly to the scorecard. No duplicate entry. No unnecessary steps.

Share the mobile scorecard link

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