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Get unmatched exposure to individuals actively planning & playing in golf events.

PlayThru is a live golf event scoring system used by outings, leagues, golf trips, schools, courses, corporations and nonprofits around the world.

Baked into our scorecard, user accounts, website and emails are opportunities for your company to reach a large, affluent audience of golfers.

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2022 STATS





3m 14s

Avg. Time on Page




Time on Site


Growth YoY


Worldwide Exposure to Key Demographics

Most of PlayThru’s usage comes from the United States, but we have a growing contingent of users from around the world. And, more than 70% of PlayThru users are between 25 and 64.


Our users are golf enthusiasts who also enjoy investing, travel, and health and fitness, among other things.

Affinity Groups*

  1. Sport Fans
  2. Avid Investing
  3. Business Professionals
  4. Beauty & Fitness
  5. Health & Fitness Buffs
  6. Travel Buffs
  7. Food & Drink

In-Market Segments

  1. Golf Equipment
  2. Motor Vehicles
  3. Hotel & Accommodations
  4. Real Estate
  5. Investment Services
  6. Activeware

* Source: Google Analytics

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Scorecard Assets

Loading Page Logo

Prominently feature your logo on the first screen every golfer sees when using PlayThru.

"Turn" Full-Screen Ad

Show a full-screen display ad to golfers finishing the 9th hole. Link the ad to your site, content or offering.

Leaderboard Logo

Your logo will show at the bottom of the most viewed scorecard screen—The Live Leaderboard.

User Account Assets

The "Turn" Full-Screen Ad

Show a full-screen display ad to golfers finishing the 9th hole. Link the ad to your site, content or offering.

Website Assets

Homepage Sponsor Section

PlayThru will feature your logo directly on our homepage in our Supporting Partners section. Your logo can link directly to your website, content or offers.

Partner Section

PlayThru will feature your logo and a description of your company or offering in our partner section. Throughout the site, visitors will be encouraged to go to this page to take advantage of special offers.

Blog Assets

Sponsor Spotlight

We will draft and publish a blog post about your organization, products and services. Or, provide us with an original piece of content and we’ll publish it, so long as it aligns with our site guidelines.

Blog Partner Bar

Showcase your logo on PlayThru’s main blog page and on all individual blog posts. Logos can link out to your site, content or offerings.

Email Assets

Welcome Email Placement

Every new accounts receives a welcome email, which will feature your logo and a link.

Newsletter Spotlight

One bi-weekly newsletter will feature your logo and overview of your company or offering, with a CTA link to your site.

Sponsor Banner

Every email sent to users and subscribers will include a “Supported By” banner with your logo.

Sponsor Package Pricing

PlayThru sponsorship packages are available by the month or can be locked down for a full 12 months. Annual commitments get 2 months free and Platform-level annual commitments get a custom PlayThru account upgrade.

For more information on PlayThru sponsorships, contact

Keith Moehring
CEO, PlayThru

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