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10 Costume Ideas for Your Next Golf Outing

Keith Moehring
May 7, 2024
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I'll be honest, coordinated costumes or outfits for a golf outing is not my thing. I've been known to kick golfers off my team for bringing up the idea. 

But here's the thing – I've seen firsthand how a well-executed themed golf outfits can bring people together and generate some big laughs. 

So, I've decided to embrace the fun and share some costume ideas that even an ardent anti-costumer like myself can get behind. 

Here are some suggestions I've seen that can work when executed well:

  1. Retro Golfers: Go with old-school golf attire. We're talking about argyle sweaters, plaid pants, a classic flat cap, and knee-high socks. Bonus points for carrying a vintage golf bag or using wooden clubs. Just don't blame the hickory shafts for your slice!
  2. Famous Golfers Parody: Dress up as an exaggerated version of your favorite pro golfer. Stuff a pillow under your shirt for a spot-on John Daly, or go completely orange for Ricky Fowler. It's important not to be subtle. It's only funny if you overexaggerate everything!
  3. Favorite Golf Movie Inspired: Pay homage to the greatest golf movies ever made with costumes based on iconic characters like Al Czervik, Carl Spackler, Happy Gilmore, or Chubbs Peterson. Fully become the character. 
  4. Superheroes on the Green: Unleash your inner superhero with costumes that let you save the day. Capes might not be the most practical for your swing, but if you're dressing up, winning probably isn't the priority, and capes are awesome. The tighter the tights, the better! Bonus points for The Greatest American Hero costumes.
  5. Tropical Tourists: Embrace the summer vibes with loud Hawaiian shirts, straw hats, and oversized sunglasses. Carry around a toy camera or binoculars for added effect. Just try not to get too distracted by the "scenic views" of the beverage cart.
  6. Aggressively Neon Nineties: Break out the bright colors and bold patterns for a '90s-inspired golf getup. Think neon polos, Zubaz pants, and maybe even a slap bracelet or two. Make sure any portable speakers are playing 90's hip-hop. 
  7. Country Club Rejects: Mix and match the tackiest golf attire you can find for a hilarious "anti-country club" look. Who is the last person Muffy from the local country club would want to associate with? Consider country bumpkins, bikers, grunge rock bands, tattoo artists, and plumbers. Bonus points if your event is at a country club. 
  8. Karens: Speaking of Muffy, become a group of entitled, excessively demanding, meddling, middle-aged white women. Do your best to make wild accusations and then fix everyone and everything. This is an excellent opportunity to justify the never-ending wine glass in your hand. 
  9. Golfing Gnomes: Embrace your inner garden guardian with red hats, white beards (for those who can), and maybe even some pointy shoes. Take every opportunity to mess with and play tricks on the other groups. They'll hate you, but hopefully, they'll laugh a little, too. 
  10. The Group Taking Things Too Seriously: Mock another group in the event that is taking everything too seriously. Dress up as they do, overplay their mannerisms, and use their names. They may not laugh, but everyone else will make up for it. 

Bonus Recommendation: Coordinate your outfit with another group so that your group is on an opposing side of the other group. Think Jedi and Storm Troopers or Mario and Bowser. Make sure that several times throughout the round you have staged epic battles between the two opposing forces. 

At the end of the day, golf outings are all about having fun and building camaraderie with your fellow players. So don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and embrace a silly theme or costume. Just remember to keep it comfortable, weather-appropriate, and aligned with the event's purpose. 


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