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Now Supporting Four-Person Best Ball

Keith Moehring
June 6, 2023
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By far the game format we get asked for most is Four-Person Best Ball. And, today, we are excited to announce that PlayThru now supports it. 

What is 4-Person Best Ball?

Since there are a lot of definitions for different game formats, here’s ours for 4-Person Best Ball

4-Person Best Ball is a golf scoring format where up to four players are assigned to the same team. Each golfer records their own score on each hole. The team score is then calculated by looking at the best score of the four players on each hole and adding it the total. 

For example, Keith, Lana, Lex and Michelle are on team "Boring Moehrings." On hole 1, Keith shoots a double bogie, Lana shoots bogie, Lex shoots par, and Michelle shoots a birdie. Michelle's birdie will count toward the team score.  

With a 4-Person Best Ball event, you can use stroke or point scoring. You can also apply handicaps and set up your golfers to play on different tees. If you’re playing a handicapped event, PlayThru will look at net hole scores. Otherwise, it will use gross hole scores. 

On the Scorecard

In PlayThru, the live leaderboard will show the team’s score and rank each team from best to worst (low-to-high for stroke play or high-to-low for points). 

Tapping on any team name will reveal the team’s full scorecard with the to-par score listed for each hole. 

How to Set Up a 4-Person Best Ball Event

We’ve published painfully explicit instructions on how to set up a 4-Person Best Ball event in PlayThru here. Spoiler Alert: It’s a grand total of 3 steps. 

If you also want to score an individual event in the same scorecard, you can also now score two games in one leaderboard. What a time to be alive!


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