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Golf Format Fun—Warp Zones

Keith Moehring
July 27, 2022
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In Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros, players who knew where to look could find “warp zones.” These magic pipes let you skip entire levels and take a shortcut to your battle with a bouncing, fire-belching Bowser to save the fair princess. 

Why not do the same for your outing? 

Place a Warp Zones markers near a tee box, ideally 30 to 50 yards away. You want it far enough away to be challenging, but not so far away that the reward isn't worth the risk. Any golfer who hits their ball within a certain distance of the marker gets teleported to a second marker placed on the green. 

The trick is you get one shot to reach the Warp Zone (and no mulligans). 

If the player misses, the Warp Zone closes and they need to hit their second shot from where the ball lies.

For the younger generations, this game can also be called Portal. 

How It Works

  1. Designate a hole or two as the Warp Zone holes.
  2. The first group to play the hole places the marker 30 to 50 yards away from the tee box, ideally to the left or right, not straight down the fairway.
  3. They then place a second marker on or near the green. 

Ideally, both locations are chosen by the group before anyone tees off. 

  1. The last group to play the hole(s) picks up the markers. 

There’s no need to buy anything fancy for this either. The easiest and best marketer is a long stick, sign or tree. At home, cut a 15 to 20 foot length of string, and then on the course tie it around the marker. So long as a golfer’s ball lands within the radius of the string, their ball can be teleported. 

PRO TIP: Do this on a par 5 to make the risk/reward much greater.


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