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Golf Outing Photo Tips for Capturing and Sharing

Keith Moehring
April 30, 2024
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Capturing the moments from your golf outing in picture form should be a priority. Not only do pictures help you relive the fun, but they also showcase the fun and excitement of the day to sponsors, stakeholders, and future participants. 

But how can you ensure that you get the best shots and share them as widely as possible? Here are some tips to help.

Assign a Photographer 

Before the event, designate a photographer. We all know someone who is way too into photography, so ask that person to capture candid shots throughout the day. If your photographer doesn't have their own equipment, smartphones are plent good enough. 

Instruct this individual about the types of photos you're looking for, such as candid shots, posed shots, scenic, etc. 

It's always a good idea to encourage them to include sponsor logos in the photos so sponsors feel they are getting a little extra mileage from their donation. 

Encourage Golfers to Take and Share Photos

Your photographer can't be everywhere, so encourage attendees to take and share their photos and videos. 

Pro Tip: Give them some direction on what photos to take and even encourage them by giving away a prize for the best picture of the day. Or prizes for the best photos in different categories, such as in-action shots, nature shots, group celebration shots, most awkward backswings, or most embarrassing shots. 

Ask golfers to share their photos from the event and use a unique hashtag you set up for it. This will make it easier for others to see what other groups are up to on the course and will also help you find all the photos on social media. Make comments and reshare any photos on the event's social accounts or your personal account. 

Group Shots

It feels like most events have a photographer positioned by a tee responsible for taking a picture of each group as they go by. This is a good idea because you can give groups a souvenir to remember the day by and record everyone there. 

However, please, please, please don't make anyone hold up silly signs or masks. No one wants to do that except the really drunk group, and even then, they won't want that picture out in the world. 

Encourage your golfers to have fun with the picture if they want. Maybe entice a more relaxed photo session with a shot of Fireball beforehand. 

Last Call for More Photos

After the event, send an email asking people to share some of their photos from the event. Ask them to send them via email, text, or upload to a Dropbox folder.  

Curate and Organize

Now that you've collected all your photos let's get them to some level of organization. Whether you have a folder of images on your computer or phone, sort through for the best of the best. 

Try to select a balance of candid and posed shots and a good sampling of the various groups who played. 

In addition, try to get every event sponsor included in at least one picture you share. 

Share The Golf Event Photos

Utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X to share your golf event moments with the world. Where possible, tag the individuals in their photos (assuming they are not doing something embarrassing). 

You can also create a photo gallery on your website or blog and send a post-event email with a link.

Use the photos throughout your invites, website, registration page, and other promotional materials for the next event. Remind everyone how much fun your golf event was. 

By following these tips, you'll have a collection of photos and videos that capture an amazing day's fun and memorable moments.

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