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Golf Tournament Trophies - Awarding the Best of the Best in Your Golf Event

Keith Moehring
May 2, 2024
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The Augustonian is the most prestigious and sought after item in my family. Every year a large group of siblings, cousins and uncles compete for the right to kiss its wedgied buttock. Owning the trophy comes with year-long bragging rights and the honor of rubbing everyone’s noses in it at every opportunity. 

Our family golf championship took on an entirely new level of prestige when the trophy was introduced. 

When it comes to golf events, the trophies you award are more than just shiny baubles - they're powerful symbols of achievement, camaraderie, and the dominance that will define your event. 

Choosing a trophy is not a decision to take lightly. 

Why Golf Trophies Matter

Trophies serve several key purposes in a golf event:

  • Recognizing excellence: They celebrate the skills and accomplishments of your top performers. And, when engraved, they preserve that accomplishment in the annals of history. 
  • Creating memories: Trophies become treasured mementos that participants will proudly display and reminisce over for years to come. 
  • Elevating your event: The prestige of a well-chosen trophy can help attract participants and add an air of excitement and significance to your outing.

Choosing Trophies That Tell a Story

Generic cups and plaques simply don't cut it. To truly capture the spirit of your event, get creative with your trophy selection:

  • Reflect your theme: Choose trophies that connect to your event's unique theme, location, or cause. Or, if you’re memorializing someone, make sure the trophy reflects their interests and personality. 
  • Support your cause: For charity events, select trophies that reflect the mission of the organization you're supporting.
  • Make it personal: Add custom engraving with the winner's name, event details, or an inspiring message.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Opt for eye-catching, unique designs that will wow your winners.
  • Make it impressive: Bigger isn’t always better, except when it comes to trophies, bigger is always better. 
  • Space for engraving: Make sure there is space for past winners to be engraved preserving their legacy. 

For trophy ideas and inspiration, check out Far Out Awards. They have some fun, different trophy options.

Give the Trophy a Name

Creating a cool trophy isn't enough, it needs to have a name. A name that reflects its awesome power and prestige that comes with winning it. If you are struggling to come up with ideas, try jumping into ChatGPT and using the following prompt

We host a [TYPE OF EVENT] golf outing every [FREQUENCY]. The golf event [PURPOSE]. We hand out a trophy to the winner of the event. The trophy [DESCRIBE TROPHY]. We want to give the trophy a name that reflects our event and encompasses the honor and prestige of winning. We also want the name to be [NAME ADJECTIVES].Please give me 10 names for our trophy.

Award Categories and Ideas

Sure, you'll want to honor your overall champion, but why stop there? Celebrate the many memorable moments and personalities that make your event special with trophies like:

Presenting the Hardware 

The trophy ceremony is the perfect opportunity to relive the highlights of your event, so make it a focal point! 

  • Build anticipation by announcing winners with fanfare and applause
  • Share the story and significance behind each trophy 
  • Force the champs to give an uncomfortable and awkward acceptance speech. Surprise them with this requirement to ensure they are as unprepared as possible. 
  • Capture the excitement with photos of the winners proudly displaying their trophies

Depending on the type of event you’re running, you can choose to let the champion keep the trophy for the year or take it back for safe keeping. 

A Trophy is Worth a Thousand Words

At the end of the day, a creatively conceived and meaningfully presented trophy becomes a powerful emblem of your event's identity and impact. 

So go ahead, get imaginative with those trophies! Dare to ditch the conventional cups in favor of awards that reflect the unique spirit of your golf gathering.

After all, years down the road, those trophies will still be igniting smiles, sparking conversations, and telling the story of your unforgettable golf event.


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