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How to Attract Sponsors For Your Golf Outing

Keith Moehring
May 14, 2024
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As a golf event organizer, you likely know the value of sponsorships to your fundraising efforts. If not, long story short, they can be very valuable to your fundraising efforts. And the best part is, in most cases, they don't cost a lot to offer them.

But how do you create packages that are a win for both your event and your sponsors? Here are some ideas

Understanding the Basics of Golf Event Sponsorships

First things first, let's talk about why sponsorships matter. For your event, sponsorships provide crucial financial support and can help elevate the overall experience for participants. 

For sponsors, it's all about exposure and connecting with a target audience. The more you can increase their visibility and enable them to connect and engage your golfers, the more return they'll get for their investment.

However, different sponsors want different things and have varying budgets. For this reason, your event should offer a variety of sponsorship options. Some sponsors may want to go big and have their brand splattered all over it, while others may want a little visibility for their contribution, like a hole sponsor sign. 

Either way, consider building out at least three sponsorship levels beforehand so that you have options when a company shows interest.

On-Course Sponsorship Opportunities

Now, let's talk about the bread and butter of golf event sponsorships: on-course opportunities. These sponsorships get your supporters' names and logos right in front of participants as they play.

  • Tee Box Sponsorship: Companies get signage at one or more specific tee boxes, allowing for high visibility among participants.
  • Green Sponsorship: This is similar to tee box sponsorship, but the signage is placed near the green. It is often paired with the opportunity to interact with players as they finish the hole.
  • Driving Range Sponsorship: Branding opportunities at the driving range where participants warm up, providing exposure while players practice before the event.
  • Putting Green Sponsorship: Signage and branding opportunities are available on the putting green, another area where players spend time warming up.
  • Golf Cart Sponsorship: Sponsor logos can be placed on golf carts used during the event, ensuring visibility throughout the round.
  • Drink Cart Sponsorship: There are few things during a golf event that are more welcome to see than the drink cart. Give companies an opportunity to be associated with these good vibes by creating a drink cart sponsor. 
  • Digital Scorecard Sponsorship: If you're using an online golf event scorecard (like PlayThru), you can include sponsor logos and hole transition ads right into the scorecard. This is a great way to get your sponsor's unavoidable visibility. 
  • Hole Competition Sponsorships: If you have a long drive, closest to the pin, or other hole competitions, include a sponsor logo and messaging on the current leader cards placed throughout the course. 
  • Custom Hole Activities: Create sponsored activities set up between holes to keep golfers entertained while waiting to tee off. Here are 10 hole contest games to consider
  • A Foursome: For larger packages, include a foursome for your event. The cost of the foursome should be built into the sponsorship package, but it makes them feel like they are getting more value. 

Off-Course Sponsorship Opportunities

Of course, the sponsorship fun doesn't stop when players leave the course. Off-course sponsorships can be just as valuable for your event and your sponsors.

  • Meal and Beverage Sponsorship: Feature a sponsor with lunch, dinner, and post-round drink specials. Place cards on the tables or at the bar featuring this sponsor and what they have to offer. 
  • Swag bags: Sponsors love giving away their products or branded goodies to participants. And players love free stuff—it's a beautiful match!
  • Registration Area Sponsorship: High visibility for sponsors at a point where golfers are full of positivity and anticipated excitement. This won't be the case for most golfers during or after the round.
  • Awards Sponsorship: Branding during the ceremony where winners are celebrated, often including the opportunity to present awards. If you give out medals or trophies, you may also consider including the sponsor's logo on the trophy, giving the sponsorship longevity well after the event. 

Crafting Tiered Sponsorship Packages

So, you've got a bunch of sponsorship opportunities – now what? It's time to start bundling them into tiered packages. 

The reason for packaging these sponsorship opportunities is: 

  1. Finding, pitching, and closing dozens of individual sponsors is a very tall task for anyone, especially you or your volunteers.  
  2. Creating a hierarchy of sponsorship levels (think Platinum, Gold, Silver) allows you to offer increasing value and perks at each level. However, with that increased value and perks comes a larger price tag. 
  3. Exclusivity is your friend. Saying there is only one title sponsorship available and several other suiters are considering it can be a huge motivator. 

Considering the following tiers:

  • Exclusive Title Sponsorship: A title sponsorship enables a company's brand to become synonymous with your event (e.g., Waste Management Open). This package includes extensive branding and exclusive acknowledgments throughout the event. The company's logo will be featured on all signage and throughout the day's activities. List all the assets your event has to offer and how (and if) you can integrate the title sponsor without cheapening the offering for another sponsor. For example, a hole sponsorship sign may include the hole sponsor really big in the middle, but the title sponsor's logo will appear tucked away in the bottom right-hand corner next to the event name. 
  • Hole Sponsor Package: This sponsor gets their logo and marketing materials featured on a specific hole. You can also allow them to interact with golfers at the hole. No one will pay attention to their sales pitch, but the sponsor will feel like they have value. If you have a mobile scorecard, make sure hole sponsors on the course are also showcased on the mobile scorecard so they feel like they are getting greater value. 
  • Practice Area Package: Group the driving range, putting green and chipping area sponsorships together. These three sponsorships are closely related and make for an easy-to-understand package. 
  • A La Carte Package: You can also offer an a la carte sponsorship option. Define the value of each of the sponsorship opportunities you've created. Then, give prospective sponsors a menu of their options. Let them pick and choose what they want, then ring up the total amount. This ensures each sponsor gets what they find most valuable. 

Tips for Presenting and Selling Sponsorship Packages

You've crafted your perfect sponsorship packages – now it's time to sell them!

Start by creating visually appealing materials that showcase the benefits for sponsors. Use photos from previous events to help potential sponsors envision their brand's presence. 

Make sure to include details on the size of your event and some demographic information about who will be participating based on past events or early signups. 

When reaching out to sponsors, always emphasize what's in it for them. How will sponsoring your event help them achieve their goals? Be ready to customize packages if needed to create the perfect fit.

Finally, don't underestimate the importance of following up and nurturing those sponsor relationships. You will need to nudge them through the process and, in some cases, outright beg. 

Creating irresistible sponsorship packages is all about understanding your sponsors' needs and getting creative with how you can meet them. By offering a variety of on-course and off-course opportunities, crafting tiered packages, and effectively selling the benefits, you can attract sponsors that will help take your golf event to the next level.

So get out there and start brainstorming – your dream sponsorship lineup is just a few well-crafted packages away!


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