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PlayThru Donates 10% of Revenue To Charities Using Golf for Fundraising

Keith Moehring
March 13, 2024
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Golf is a unique sport that often gets a bad rap. Those who bash it probably aren't fully aware of the tremendous good it enables every year. Thousands of organizations and causes worldwide use golf as a powerful fundraising tool. 

For those not familiar, PlayThru was originally developed to help simplify end-of-round scoring for a memorial golf event we hosted for my uncle. He enjoyed golfing and was a wonderful human, always supporting many causes. When he passed, we decided to host a golf event in his honor, and the funds raised went to support organizations and causes he believed in. 

It felt good to do good through that golf event, and to this day, I rarely pass up an opportunity to play in a charitable golf outing. But I've always wanted to do more.  

Well, last year was a banner year for PlayThru, both in terms of usage and revenue. It went from a passion project to a self-sustaining business. This was a huge goal for me personally because I've always wanted to build and run a technology company. It also afforded me the opportunity to follow through on another of my goals.

I am happy to announce that PlayThru donated more than 10% of our 2023 revenue to organizations that use golf to raise money. This is not just a reflection of our business model; it's the embodiment of what I want PlayThru to be at its core.

Impact Through Golf

Golf has long been a sport that brings people together for good causes, and we've seen firsthand the difference these events can make in the community—from funding research and educational programs to supporting local scholarships or even families who can use a little extra love from the community.

The funds raised at golf outings change lives. 

PlayThru is a live scoring system, but we saw early on that it could do more to benefit outings. At the outset, we built in features that organizers can use to raise additional money through sponsorships, including hole sponsor logos, hole transition ads, and even custom branding features.

And now, we are in a position to start putting some of the revenue we're generating back into the community, supporting the causes and organizations we are passionate about.

A Thank You to Our Users

We owe a big thank you to all the golf outings and tournaments that have chosen PlayThru for their events. Your trust in our platform has not only fueled our growth but also amplified our ability to give back. 

This achievement is as much yours as it is ours. Together, we're not just enhancing the golfing experience; we're making a tangible difference in the world.

To a Bigger and Better 2024

As we look to the future, PlayThru remains committed to supporting organizations and causes that use golf to raise funds and awareness. Our goal for the coming years is to increase our contributions and continue to innovate in ways that benefit our users and their charitable missions.


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