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Should I Include a Clinic with My Golf Outing?

Keith Moehring
May 23, 2024
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As a value add to those attending a golf outing or event, some brave, overachieving outing organizers also try to coordinate and integrate golf clinics. These instructional sessions led by a golf professional usually take place before an outing. They are designed to help participants improve their skills and knowledge of the game. 

Clinics typically focus on a specific aspect of golf, such as driving, putting, or short game, and can be tailored to various skill levels. During a golf clinic, the instructor provides demonstrations, explanations, and hands-on guidance to help attendees refine their technique. 

But should you include a golf clinic with your golf outing? You're adding a lot more effort and complexity, all for what? Let's break it down. 

Why Include a Golf Clinic in Your Outing?

Offering a clinic with your outing has advantages, each of which can create value for golfers and sponsors.  

  • Elevate participant enjoyment: Clinics are often packed with tangible tricks and tips that golfers can translate to their game and try out immediately during the outing. Hitting the ball further or straighter or chipping closer makes golfers happier.  
  • Differentiate your event: A clinic helps your outing stand out in a sea of golf fundraisers. It shows that you've gone the extra mile to provide value to your attendees, making them more likely to participate year after year.
  • Create additional fundraising opportunities: A clinic opens up new fundraising opportunities, such as clinic sponsorship or exclusive instruction packages. More on this later!

Why Not to Include a Golf Clinic in Your Outing?

This one's easy. It's more work. Organizing and pulling off an outing with 100+ golfers is no small feat, especially as you get closer to the day of the outing. Adding a clinic, which involves additional space, finding an instructor, promoting, logistics, etc., adds to an already full plate. 

Unless you have a team, one of which can take ownership of organizing the clinic, I'd recommend against the clinic. But if you have someone trustworthy who can take on the lion's share of the work, it can be a very welcome addition to any outing. 

Finding the Right Instructor

So, you've decided to go with a clinic. I tip my hat to you. Now, how do you find potential instructors? 

  • Leverage your network: Reach out to golf enthusiasts in your circle for recommendations. They may know instructors with experience with clinics or a passion for your cause.
  • Consult the head professional: The head pro at the course hosting your outing is a valuable resource. They can suggest instructors from their network, provide insights on past clinics, or even do the clinic themselves.
  • Contact your PGA of America Section: Did you know that the PGA of America is divided into 41 sections across the country? Each section represents PGA professionals in their area and can help connect you with qualified instructors. Visit to find your local section.
  • Research online: Look for instructor reviews, testimonials, and videos online. This can give you a sense of their teaching style and personality before you reach out.

Evaluating Potential Instructors

Once you have a list of candidates, it's time to narrow it down. The value your golfers get out of the clinic almost entirely depends on your instructor's personality and skill. Having attended many clinics, I believe it is better to scrap the clinic than put a sub-par presenter up there. 

When evaluating your instructor, consider the following: 

  • Experienced: Look for instructors who regularly put on clinics. Experience matters, as does having a "show" already fleshed out. 
  • YouTube videos: If a professional is serious about instructing, they likely have a YouTube channel where they post videos of past events or share useful tips with subscribers. Watch their presentation. Are they energetic? Engaging? Personable? Funny?
  • Teaching approach: Interview the potential instructor. Ask about the presentation, how they engage participants, and if their show adapts to different skill levels. You want someone who can create a fun, inclusive environment.

Structuring the Clinic for Maximum Impact

  • Choose the format: Decide between group and individual instruction. If you have multiple instructors, 5- to 10-minute one-on-one lessons for golfers throughout the day may work really well. Conversely, if you have a large group or one instructor, group instruction is absolutely the way to go. This way, everyone can get something out of it.
    • Or both formats. You can also offer both group and individual instruction, with individual instruction available to those who pay a little extra. 
  • Determine duration and timing: Work with the instructor to set the right length and schedule for the clinic as part of your outing. Timing the start of an outing to align with meals and the tight outing schedule is no small task. It's important that the clinic compliments rather than commandeers.    
  • Include cause-related activities: Try to get your instructor out on the course after the clinic at a hole where golfers can get some light tutoring on the course. 

Leveraging the Clinic for Fundraising

But how can the clinic add to the bottom line of your fundraising efforts? Here are some ideas: 

  • Sponsorship: Offer the clinic as a sponsorship opportunity, "Golf Professional Instructional brought to you by [INSERT BRAND HERE]."   
  • Outing Add-On: Make the clinic available to golfers who pay a little extra for registration. 
  • Participation Bids: If your instructor needs a volunteer, offer that volunteer space to the highest bidder. They get a free one-on-one lesson with an audience to laugh at all of their relatable misakes. 
  • On The Course Help: Set up your professional on a tee box or green and offer their instruction for a donation. You may need to give some of this money to the pro for their time, but anything else goes right to your cause. 

Combining a golf clinic with your next fundraising outing'll create an unforgettable experience supporting a cause near and dear to your community. 


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