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Why Golf Needs More Team Events

Keith Moehring
September 8, 2023
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In sports, there is something magical about a team event. Winning a golf tournament as a solo golfer is fun. Winning as a twosome or foursome, like in a scramble, is more entertaining. 

But there is a different level of camaraderie and excitement when large groups are actively rooting for and against each other. 

Case in point, the highs and lows are tangible through the screen when watching Ryder Cup. 

The best sports movies are made about teams (e.g., Major League, Mighty Ducks, Hoosiers). Even the solo sport movies (e.g., Rocky, Warrior, Tin Cup, and the greatest of all, Happy Gilmore) keep showing the reactions of the “team” of people who supported the player throughout their journey to the top. 

Historically, golf has struggled to capture the fun and real-time excitement of team sports for two reasons—it’s too spread out and scoring is slow. Long story short, there’s no suspense. 

Traditional golf scoring often means players are left in the dark until the end of the event, a stark contrast to the fast-paced, live updates we're accustomed to in many other team sports. The suspense, the thrill of competition, and the joy of live updates - these are elements we feel are sorely missing in golf.

Well, PlayThru is changing that …

Make Golf Events More Memorable with Live Team Scoring

With PlayThru's new Team Leaderboard feature, your golfers can now enjoy the exhilaration of seeing every putt, birdie, and eagle immediately impact their team's standing. The rolling excitement and spontaneous shouts of celebration or commiseration bring a dynamic and thrilling dimension to the game. It's not just about individual achievements anymore; it's about collective pride and effort.

Imagine the energy on the course as each team is aware of their position in real-time, pushing themselves and their teammates to step up the game, strategize better, and aim for that top spot. The banter between holes, the friendly rivalries, and, most importantly, the shared spirit of competition are elevated to new heights.

AM I BEING OVERLY DRAMATIC? ABSOLUTELY!!! But for good reason. Team scoring is more fun!

Furthermore, Adrian, Mickey and Paulie weren’t in the ring but they lived and died with every shot Rocky landed on or took from Apollo. Your spectators, supporters, family and friends can now do the same thing. Cheering for their favorite teams, discussing strategies, and celebrating or groaning over the live results fosters an inclusive atmosphere, making golf outings all the more enjoyable.

At the heart of it, PlayThru’s Team Leaderboard feature isn't just about numbers and rankings. It's about the stories unfolding on the greens, the memories made, and the bonds strengthened among teammates and competitors alike. Golf can be more than just a game; it can be an event. And with our newest feature, we aim to make it an unforgettable one.

To all the golf organizers and players out there: Dive into this new dimension of golfing with us. Feel the rush, savor the camaraderie, and let every game be a story worth telling. 

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Happy golfing, and may the best team reign supreme!


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