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Why Mini Golf Courses Should Use Online Scoring

Keith Moehring
April 18, 2024
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As someone who enjoys playing mini golf with my kids, please stop making me use a paper scorecard and those stupid little pencils. Either I lose the pencil (often behind my ear) or stab my finger when I reach in my pocket.

Technology like PlayThru has made it very easy for golfers to open and setup a scorecard on their phone (without downloading an app). For example, imagine the following QR code at your checkout or first hole.

Click or scan it to try the setup process.

But why should you, the mini golf course owner, switch to online scoring?

1. It's Easier and More Fun

Online scoring is a new innovative alternative to paper scorecards that can differentiate your course from others. Pulling out your phone and punching in numbers is much easier than finding your wrinkled scorecard and that evil pencil.

The live leaderboard also keeps everyone's score in real-time, so there's no math to do at the end.

In addition, larger groups spread out over multiple holes can easily monitor how everyone else is playing, making their event more fun and exciting.

2. Capture Email Addresses

A challenge for many miniature golf courses is marketing and encouraging repeat play. Because customers pay and then play, there is limited opportunity to capture valuable email addresses.

With online scoring, capture an email address with each round played, and then use these emails to promote upcoming specials, fun events, new products, and much more.

Not to skip too far ahead, but you can also use email to feature and promote sponsors. Add this as an asset to any sponsorship package to charge more.

With an email, the conversation doesn't have to stop when they leave your course.

3. Bring in Extra Revenue with Sponsorships

Speaking of sponsors, online scoring can also help you bring in extra revenue through sponsorships.

Some online scoring systems (like PlayThru) have built-in sponsor tools. Feature sponsor logos on each hole screens and the leaderboard, and even pop-up full-screen display ads between holes.

Also worth noting is that paper scorecards and signage make it costly to swap out sponsors for new ones. With a digital scorecard, swapping out sponsors is as easy as uploading a new image. Instead of one sponsor for the season, offer monthly sponsorships.

In the case of PlayThru, there is space for 19 hole sponsor logos and 18 display ads. At $100/month for a hole logo and display ad combo, generate $1,900/month in extra revenue.

Entice more sponsors, attract more sponsors, and charge more for each sponsorship.

4. Competition

With online scoring, all scores for the day go into a database. This means that with the right system (cough PlayThru), you can display a Daily Leaderboard. Show it on a large display screen near the course.

Sort all golfer scores from best to worst for the entire day and then offer rewards and prizes to the top scores. By scanning a QR code, golfers can open the daily leaderboard on their phones and monitor it after leaving the course.

Added Bonus, that's just more time golfers spend with your leaderboard sponsors (so maybe charge more for that one).

Embrace the Future of Mini Golf Scoring

Everything is moving digital. Heck, some restaurants don't even have waiters anymore, just QR codes where you can scan what you want to eat, and it appears.

Get ahead of the curve. With online scoring, you'll differentiate your course, capture valuable customer information, bring in sponsorship dollars, and make scoring a breeze for your golfers. Plus, you'll save a few trees in the process—and who doesn't love a good eco-friendly initiative?

If you're interested in a demo of PlayThru's Mini Golf Course Scoring features, schedule a call here.


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