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How to import golfers into PlayThru

PlayThur golfer upload section

To import your golfers, navigate to the Golfers Tab of the Outing organizer. From there: 

All imported golfers will be visible in the golfers tab.

CSV File

PlayThru requires your import to be a CSV file. If you need help creating a CSV file, check out this article.  

To ensure information goes into the right, the first row of your CSV file must have the proper column headers:

You can download our CSV import template here.

Unique Names

PlayThru requires a unique name for each golfer or team. For this reason, PlayThru will skip duplicates in the CSV file and overwrite any golfers already added.

Data Visibility

Depending on the event configurations you’ve turned on for your event, some fields (e.g., Flight or Handicap) may not be visible on the screen. However, if the data was included in your CSV import, the information is saved in PlayThru. All you need to do is turn on the appropriate setting.

Data That Can’t Be Imported

Because of the way the system is built, there is specific data that cannot be imported:

Not Finding Answers

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