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How to Score Two Golf Competitions at the Same Time

When playing in a match play or team event (e.g., two-person best ball or four-person best ball), wouldn't it be fun to also see how individuals are playing against the field. Unfortunately, scoring two game formats in one golf event is hard to do manually and time consuming after the round.

But, with PlayThru's Multi-Game Scoring feature, you can now set up your scorecards to show a team or match play leaderboard AND an individual leaderboard.

How to Set Up a Multi-Game Scorecard in PlayThru

In PlayThru, Multi-Game Scoring is a paid feature. You can unlock it for a single event for $15. Or you can subscribe to PlayThru for $25/month to unlock it for all your past and future events. 

Once unlocked, you must select a team or match play event in the Game Format setting — "Match Play," "Two-Person Best Ball," or "Four-Person Best Ball." Selecting the "Individual or Scramble" format will only show one game format on the leaderboard. 

From there, simply check the "Multi-Game Scoring" circle. And, that's it! Continue to set up your team or match play event as you normally would.

On the Scorecard

With a match or team game format selected and the "Multi-Game Scoring" circle checked, the leaderboard will include an icon in the upper right corner. Tapping it will toggle between the different leaderboards.

Tap the "Show Individual" icon to display the individual event leaderboard. If it's a handicapped event, you'll also see the option to toggle between the gross and net leaderboards.

Tapping the "Show 2BB", "Show 4BB" or "Show Matches" icons (depending on the game format you selected) will take you back to the team or match play leaderboard.

Any golfer viewing the leaderboard can toggle between the leaderboard types throughout the round.

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