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How to use PlayThru's Master scorecard

PlayThru Master Scorecard Leaderboard

In inevitably someone will make a mistake or refuse to enter their scores into PlayThru. The Master Scorecard gives you, as the event organizer, the ability to make these changes or updates quickly and easily.

With the Master Scorecard, open anyone's scorecard and add or update any scores. This is also the section where you can calculate out skin winners.

Accessing the Master Scorecard

To access the Master Scorecard, click the Organizer Only link at the bottom of the Live Leaderboard screen.

You'll be asked to enter your pin. By default, all Master Scorecard pins are set to 0000. But you can update this pin in the Share Tab of the Outing Organizer.

Editing Scorecards

All golfers are listed alphabetically on the screen, along with their gross score and how many holes they've played.

To edit a golfer's scorecard, tap their name. Their full scorecard with gross hole scores will show up on the screen. From here, simply tap any hole and update the number. If the golfer does not have a score on a hole, the hole score box will be grey.

Once done, simply tap update and all changes will be saved and the golfer's score will be updated.

To ensure your updates save properly, only update one golfer's scorecard at a time.

Calculating Skins

PlayThru Golf event Skins Calculator

To calculate skins, tap the "Skins" tab at the top. Start by entering in an amount collected for skins. PlayThru will automatically calculate what a skin is worth and how much each winner should be paid. You can choose to leave this field blank, but PlayThru will not calculate payouts.

Next, scroll down and select the golfers that are participating in the skins competition. By default, all golfers are selected. Uncheck anyone who didn't pay up.

Finally, tap either the Gross Skins or Net Skins button.

Back to the Leaderboard

To go back to the live leaderboard and see how your updates affected the standings, click the "Back to Full Leaderboard" link at the top of the Master Scorecard.

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