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How to use PlayThru's Mobile scorecard

PlayThru Mobile Scorecard

PlayThru's mobile scorecard is designed to be as easy as possible for anyone to use.

To get started, share your shortened event link from the Outing Organizer with all golfers and spectators.

All these individuals need to do is type in the link into any mobile browser. PlayThru works on all operating systems (i.e., iOS, Android) and browsers (i.e., Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The PlayThru link is case sensitive and needs to be typed in exactly as shown. For this reason, we recommend sharing the link using a Times New Roman font. Otherwise upper case I may look like a lower case l (see what I mean?).

Selecting Golfers

PlayThru Mobile Scorecard

After the scorecard loads, golfers will see a list of everyone playing in the event. All they need to do is find and select their name. If a person is keeping score for their foursome, they can select up to 4 golfers total.

Once all golfers are selected, they tap the yellow “Tee Off” button at the top of the screen.

The scorekeeper will be taken directly to their starting hole. If no starting hole is defined, they’ll start on hole number 1.


Spectators can scroll to the bottom of this screen to find a 'Watch Live Leaderboard' button. Clicking this will take them directly to the leaderboard without any ability to view or edit anyone's scores.

Keeping Score

PlayThru Mobile Scorecard

The scorecard hole screen will show the hole number, par and handicap (if entered), each golfer's name and their scores. Users can also see any hole competitions entered into the Course Tab of the Outing Organizer.

To add a hole score, the user simply taps the white ball. A number pad will appear on the screen, giving them the option to enter in a score.

If a user enters a score greater than 12, PlayThru will post an alert asking the user if this is correct.

Once done entering scores, the golfer taps the "Next Hole >>" link to go to the next page.

Accessing the Leaderboard

PlayThru's Live Leaderboard

To access the live leaderboard, users can simply click the "View Full Leaderboard >>" link at the top of the Leaderboard Snapshot.

On the leaderboard, users will see all golfers in the group sorted by their round score. The score shown on the leaderboard depends on the type of event.

Golfers will be sorted by their scores. Again, how the golfers are sorted depends on the type of event.

If golfers have the same score and the event is using hole handicaps, PlayThru will compare the tied golfers' scores on the hardest handicapped hole. The lowest gross (or net) score on that hole is ranked first. If both golfers tied on the hardest hole, PlayThru moves to the next hardest hole and so on.

If the event is not using hole handicaps, PlayThru ranks the golfers in alphabetical order.


If flights are enabled for an event, all golfers will be broken up into their respective flights. The

Scorecard Review

After entering scores for all 18 holes, the user is taken to a scorecard review screen. Here they can review the full scorecards for each golfer they entered scores for.

The user can make any updates necessary. Once done, they tap "Submit Scorecard" and they'll be redirected to the live leaderboard.

Once on this page, the user will no longer see the option to "Go Back to Hole" at the top, keeping them on this screen and stopping them from going back and editing any scores.

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