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PlayThru Supported Game Formats

When you create an event, there are four game formats to choose from:‍

Using these four formats, there are a number of games you can play using PlayThru.


Handicap enable you use golfer handicaps to create a more even playing field. Add a golfer handicap for each golfer and make sure all tees in the course tab include both hole par and handicap values.

PlayThru then compares the golfer’s handicap to the hole handicap. If the golfer’s handicap is greater than or equal to the hole handicap, a stroke is subtracted from their score. 

If a player has a handicap greater than 18, an extra stroke is subtracted from their score on the hardest holes. For example, if a golfer’s handicap is 20, they will receive two strokes on the two lowest handicapped holes. 

Adjust Handicaps for the Course:

PlayThru can adjust a golfer’s handicap for the tees they are playing. Handicaps are adjusted using the USGA’s formula. 

Adjusted Handicap = Handicap x (Slope Rating / 113) + (Course Rating - Course Par)

IMPORTANT: To be used, you must enter in pars, hole handicaps, slope and course rating for each tee in the Course section of the Outing Organizer.

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