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How to Show the Live Leaderboard on a TV

When you create an event, PlayThru creates a shortened link that goes directly to the live leaderboard. You can use this link to display the leaderboard on a TV or digital display.

Finding the Live Leaderboard Link

You can find the Live Leaderboard link in the Scorecard tab of the outing organizer. Below the main event link and master scorecard pin section, you'll find "Share Options." Included in the share options are three columns—one with a sample email, one with the live leaderboard link, and a third with embed code (for adding the leaderboard to a website).

Displaying the Live Leaderboard

The live leaderboard link will bypass all the other scorecard screens and take you right to the live leaderboard. The leaderboard automatically refreshes every 60 seconds, so it will always show the most up-to-date scores.

Smart TV Browser

Some smart TVs include a browser. If you open the live leaderboard link on the TV's browser, you should see the live leaderboard displayed in all its glory. So long as the TV doesn't go to sleep because of inactivity, the leaderboard should continue to display the latest scores.

Smart TV Casting

Depending on your TV and device, you can also cast what's on your device screen to the TV. To make this magic happen, you'll first need to be on the same wifi network. This may require getting the clubhouse involved.

From there, open the leaderboard link on your device and then look for the casting feature. We tried to find links to a resource or two that shows how to do this, but apparently it's different for all devices. So we recommend Googling or asking Chat GPT how to cast from your specific device to your specific smart TV.

Not Finding Answers

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