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How Ties are Broken in a Golf Event

During golf events, ties between golfers often occur. PlayThru gives you two options on how to break these ties.

With either tiebreaker option, tied golfers are given the same position number to show that there is a tie. From there, the tied golfers are sorted based one of the below tiebreaking options.

In other words, the names as listed on the leaderboard are in the correct order of how they finished. The first name is first, the second name finished second and so on. In the image above, Keith gets first place prize money, Wiggy gets second and Larry gets third.  

Option 1: Last Played (Default)

The Last Played option is based on the USGA's tie breaking rules. When two or more golfers finish with the same score, ties are broken using the following criteria:

Special Considerations

Option 2: Hardest Holes

The second tie-breaking option uses hole handicaps. This was the USGA's recommend approach to tiebreaking up till several years ago.

In this format, ties are broken based on the following:

Multi-Round Tiebreakers

For golf events spanning multiple rounds, it's important to note that the tie-breaking rules remain the same as described above. However, the system will only consider the scores from the last round of the event to break ties

4-Person Team Events

PlayThru offers both 4-Person Best Ball and Two Best of Four game formats. In these situations, the only tiebreaking format is the Last Played option.

The reason for this is on any given hole the team's score will be based on one or two golfers in the group who may be playing from different tees. This makes it very difficult to evaluate team scores based on the hardest handicapped holes, which in turn opens the door to errors that are very difficult to troubleshoot.

So, to simplify scoring for these game formats, the system looks at each tied team's score over the last 9 holes, last 6, last 3 and then final hole.

Ultimately Your Call

All tied golfers in PlayThru will have the same position number next to their name. So, if you prefer to handle tie breakers a different way than PlayThru does automatically, just let your players know ahead of time and to disregard the order of the tied golfers on the leaderboard.

Not Finding Answers

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