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How to use PlayThru's Multi-Round Scoring Features

PlayThru Mobile Scorecard

PlayThru multi-round scoring allows you to combine multiple events in one leaderboard. You can now create one tournament with up to four rounds. 

This resource details how to use PlayThru's multi-round features and answers some frequently asked questions. 

How to Unlock PlayThru's Multi-Round Features

PlayThru Mobile Scorecard

When you log into your PlayThru account, you'll see a yellow Multi-Round button at the top of the screen. 

The Multi-Round Features cost $19.99. Once unlocked, you'll have access to multi-round scoring for the life of your account

After clicking the Multi-Round button, follow the prompts to the Stripe payment screen, where you can complete the purchase. Once done, you'll return to your Dashboard, but things will look different.

PlayThru Mobile Scorecard

For starters, you'll notice a nice, new yellow + button in the middle of each event row if you've already created an event. And, the event link moved in favor for a Round column.

How to Set up a Multi-Round Event

If you've used PlayThru before, creating an event is the same. 

  1. Click the "Create Event" button at the top of your Dashboard.
  2. Give your event a name. Enter the event configurations, including date, handicap, flight, start holes, etc.
  3. Enter your course information, including tees and hole competitions.
  4. Enter or upload your golfers and assign each a tee and other relevant information (e.g., handicap, flight, start hole, etc.)

Once done, you can go back to your Dashboard. To add a second round, click the + add a round button or the "Duplicate" button.

How to Add Rounds

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When you add a new round, the tournament's first round is cloned. This includes all event settings, course setup, skill shots, and golfers. 

You can make slight changes to the setup of each round, but it is important to note a few things.

How to Share Event Links

PlayThru Mobile Scorecard

Each round of your tournament will have its own short link. Before each round, share that round's link with each of your golfers. They'll follow the same process of opening the link on their phone's browser, selecting the names they are keeping score for, and then starting to enter scores. 

The previous round's scores will be visible in the leaderboard snapshot and full live leaderboard.

How Ties are Broken

PlayThru breaks ties by comparing the tied golfers' scores on the hardest handicapped holes. The lowest score (net or gross) on the hardest handicapped hole is ranked above the other tied golfer on the leaderboard. Starting with handicap 1, PlayThru continues to look at the hardest handicapped holes until the tie is broken. 

With multi-round scoring, ties are broken using the lowest score on the hardest handicapped hole of the round you're currently viewing. So, for example, Round 4 leaderboard ties are broken by lowest score on the hardest handicapped hole for Round 4. 

If you're viewing the Round 2 scorecard of a completed four-round event, the ties may be broken differently, so always use the last round played scorecard for official tournament rankings.

Scoring Formats

Multi-round scoring is only available for Stroke Play and Stableford events. If you try to create a second round for a Match Play or Two-Person Best Ball event, you'll get scolded, and the second round won't be created. Once a second round is created, only Stroke Play and Stableford will be available in the Scoring Format dropdown menu. 

Also, the scoring format must stay the same for each event round. In other words, you can't have one round that's Stroke Play and the next round Stableford. PlayThru will automatically update the Scoring Format for all associated rounds if changed.


How will the total number of events in my account be affected?

When you upgrade to multi-round scoring, you get an extra five (5) events added to your account. Used events are counted the same way as before. 

In multi-round enabled accounts, each round is considered one event. So the easiest way to think about it is every shortened event URL counts as 1 event against your account total.

What happens to the events I created before I upgraded? 

Nothing. All your old events will still be in your account along with all player scores if the event is over. The only difference will be every round you created before upgrading your account will now be multi-round enabled. So if you want to create a second, third or fourth round for any current event, you can. 

What if my tournament is played at different courses? 

The Tee information in the Course tab is copied when you add new rounds. However, you can change the tee information for each round in your tournament if you want. 

In other words, if your tournament will be played at four different courses, you can change up the tee pars and handicaps for each round. This will not affect how the scoring is calculated.

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