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Welcome to PlayThru

Thank you for creating a PlayThru account. We hope our simple scoring system brings a new level of fun and excitement to your event. 

To get you started, here is a short, 5-minute video introducing your account and how to create your first event. If you have any questions, simply email

How to Create Your First Event

To create your first event: 

  1. Click the “Create Event” button on your dashboard. You’ll be taken to the Outing Organizer.
  2. From there, set up your event configurations, including if you’ll have handicaps, shotgun start or flights. 
  3. Next, set up the teeboxes your golfers will be playing from including pars, handicaps, and slope and course rating.
  4. Add or import your golfers. Note: The fields you see in this tab are controlled by the options you selected in the event details tab. 
  5. Finally, share your short link with all golfers. 

All your golfers need to do is open the link on any browser, select their name and start entering scores.

Share Your Event Link

After you’ve created an event in PlayThru, the next step is to share your event link with your golfers. 

The event link can be found on the dashboard or in the Share tab of the Outing Organizer. Your golfers simply have to open the link on any mobile browser. 

They’ll be taken to a screen to find and select their names. They can select up to 4 names to keep score for, and which point they’ll click the yellow tee-off button.  

The golfer will be taken right to their starting hole, where they can start entering scores.

Helpful Hint

PlayThru links are case sensitive and need to be typed in exactly. So when sharing your link via a flier or poster, make sure to print it in a serif font (like Times New Roman). 

If you don’t, lowercase “l” can be easily mistaken for an uppercase “I”. See what we mean?

Ways to Share PlayThru Event Links

The best way to share a PlayThru Event link is via a medium that doesn’t actually require typing it into the browser. For example:

Not Finding Answers

If you have additional questions, please email or complete the form below.