Mini Golf Course Online Scoring

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Give your mini-golfers a simple alternative to paper scorecards while generating more revenue with new sponsorship opportunities.

Online scoring can be a simple, fun alternative to paper scorecards. It can also help capture  email addresses and generate new sponsorship revenue.

To be successful though, your online scoring system has to be extremely simple to use. With PlayThru, golfers can setup a scorecard and start entering scores in seconds.


Why Online Scoring

Differentiate Your Course

Offer a mobile-friendly live scoring system instead of paper scorecards, so golfers can stop frantically searching for their small pencil every hole.

Capture Email Addresses

Ask customers to enter an email address when creating their scorecards, and then send them relevant promotions.

Sell Sponsorships

Generate extra revenue by selling sponsorships. Feature 18+ logos and full page ads through your scorecard.

How It Works

1. Starting a Round

Feature a flier near the first tee that instructs golfers to scan the pictured QR Code using any mobile device.

This QR Code will take golfers to a QuickCard setup screen.  

2. Add Golfers

On the QuickCard screen, you golfers can set up their scorecard in seconds: 

  1. Select a course (if you have multiple)
  2. Enter an email address.
  3. Add golfer names (as many as needed)

Once done, the user clicks "Tee Off". Only one person needs to set up the scorecard for the group.

3. Open the Link

The user will then see a short link and QR code. Clicking the link will take them directly to the scorecard.

They can also share the QR Code with any other individuals keeping score for golfers on other holes.  

4. Enter Scores

The user will then select the golfers they are keeping score for and tap tee off. Scorekeepers can keep track of up to four golfers.  

On each hole, golfers will see their names and total scores. They will also have access to a live leaderboard that will show all scores for everyone in the group along with how many holes they've played.

Daily Leaderboard

In addition to their own group leaderboard, golfers can track their scores against a Daily Leaderboard.

This leaderboard will rank the top scores for the day and refresh every couple minutes. Golfers can see how they faired against the best to play that day.

Display the Daily Leaderboard on any TV screen.

Schedue a 15-minute demo
"Very user friendly and easy to use. Thanks to PlayThru!"
- Club Rat

Revenue Opportunities

Sell Hole Sponsorships & Transition Ads

PlayThru's sponsorship features let you easily upload and feature sponsor logos and full screen display ads throughout the scorecard.

  1. Hole Sponsor Logos: Display sponsor logos at the bottom of each hole screen and the live leaderboard (19 spots available).
  2. Hole Transition Ads: Hole transition ads are full screen images that show for 3 seconds as golfers navigate form one hole to the next (18 spots available).

Pair hole sponsor logos with transition ads to make a compelling offer to potential sponsors.

Revenue Potential

If you charge $100 per month for each hole sponsorship and $200 per month for the leaderboard screen sponsorship ...

$100/mo. x 18 = $1,800/mo
+ $200/mo.

Potential Revenue 

Mini-Golf Feature Pricing

The PlayThru Mini-Golf Features are available with a monthly or annual subscription. Pricing is partly determined by the expected volume of events your miniature course will host each month. Request a demo and pricing below.

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