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How to Set Up a Scramble Golf Outing

Scrambles are the best. They are some of the most entertaining and inclusive golf scoring formats. In a scramble, teams of two or however many you can pack into a tee box play together as one, recording only one score for the group.

Each player tees off, they find the best of the shots, everyone drops their ball there (give or take a couple feet and a kick to a better lie), and then they hit their second shot. This continues until the ball goes in the hole. And then, they record the one score for the team.

Scrambles are ideal for charity events, corporate outings, or really any sort of golf gathering where you're trying to get as many individuals together to play, regardless of skill.

So let's walk through how to set up a scramble in PlayThru's live golf event scoring system.

PlayThru Scramble Golf Outing Setup

Event Settings

To create a scramble event, start by clicking create event, give your event a name and hit create event. After the Outing Organizer loads, most of the settings will be already configured.

The first tab is the Event tab. This is where you can configure your outing with the appropriate settings. You've got your event name and you can set your date to be whatever you need it to be.

The Game Format is the most important part. You're going to select Scramble from the dropdown. You can then leave the rest of the settings here alone unless you're doing some sort of special scramble event. You can do strokes or points. We'll leave it as strokes. Eighteen or nine holes. And then you can choose how you want to break ties. See here for more details on tie breakers.

On the right hand side, you can update some of the other event settings. We won't do a handicap because it's a scramble event, but we are going to have flights and we will have a shotgun start. Once done, hit save and next, and then you'll be taken to the course tab.

Course Settings

On the Course Tab, you'll enter in the tee box information for the tees that we're going to be playing from. You can add as many tees as you want, so if you have different scramble teams playing from the ladies tees or the men's tees, you can add multiple tee boxes here.

Managing Golfers

Next, move on to the golfer's tab. So this step is important because in the scramble teams section of the Golfers tab, you're only going to enter in the name of the team that's playing, in other words one name for each score entered.

You also have a tab here for individual players. So this is where you can have your full roster of everyone playing in your event. But in the Scramble teams section, you're going to want to enter in only the names that you want to appear on the leaderboard.

You can enter in golfers manually by hitting this add golfer button, or you can click the import button. As long as your CSV file column names match up with what we have shown on the import windown, then everything should go directly into the appropriate column.

Once you've got that done, you're ready to share your scorecard with your group.

Scramble Scoring

The scorecard link is going to be listed under the scorecard tab. You can share this one link with everyone or a QR code will go directly to the same spot.

If I open that up, as soon as it loads here, you'll see a list of all the team names that correspond with the names listed in the Scramble teams section of the Golfers tab. Your golfers will designate one person as their scorekeeper. That person will select their name and hit tee off.

From there, they'll be taken directly to the start hole where they can start entering scores.They can also see a leaderboard snapshot here or click over to the full live leaderboard to see all the names. And at any point they can tap in on anyone's name and see their full scorecard.

As the organizer, you can always click on the master scorecard icon at the bottom of the leaderboard and enter in the pin for your event, which you would set up in the scorecard tab.

The master scorecard lets you as the organizer access and edit anybody's scorecard. So say team Adam doesn't enter in any scores. You can add their scores in manually at any time.

Post-Event Record Keeping

Once your scramble is complete, you can go back into the outing organizer and on the right hand side is an export button. Simply clicking this will start a download of the event results. If you open that up, you'll see event configuration information, scramble team names, total scores and gross hole scores. You'll also have all your teebox information, so if you need to do any sort of post round evaluation, you have that option.

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