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How to Set Up a Two-Person Best Ball Golf Event

 Two person best ball golf events are a lot of fun. In two person best ball golf outing, two players are teamed together. Each golfer plays the hole as they normally would—they all hit their own shots and record their own individual score in the scorecard.

The team score is then calculated by comparing each team member's individual score on each hole. The best individual score is counted towards the team total. For example, if I shoot a six and my playing partner shoots a three, the three is what counts towards the team score.

At the end of the event, the best team score wins.

Here's how to set up a two-person best ball event in PlayThru.

PlayThru Scramble Golf Outing Setup

Event Settings

To create a two person best ball event, first thing you're going to do is click the Create Event on your event dashboard, and give the event a name.

Once done, you'll be redirected to the event's Outing Organizer. This is where you're going to set up the event specifics.

You'll see your event name and the event date, which you can change at any point.

Next is Game Format, and this is important. Instead of Individual, you're going to go select "Two-person best ball" from the dropdown.

Next, you'll choose stroke or match play, either of which can be played in a two-person best ball format. You can also choose, strokes or points, and number of holes. And then you can also choose your Tiebreaker. Here's a link to more information on tiebreakers.

On the right hand side of the Event tab, you can also configure the event to include handicaps, adjust the handicaps for the course, flights, shotgun start, and a team game. To keep things simple, we'll just leave this as a handicapped event.

Course Settings

Next, we're going to go over to the Course tab. Here we can enter in our tee box information. So we're going to setup a mens tee and then hit Add a Tee. This will copy the Mens tee, which we can then tweak and label as Ladies tee.

Managing Golfers

The final step is to go over to Golfers tab. This is where you're going to start to enter in your golfer's information for the event. So we can start by entering a golfer name, their email, if you've got a start time, and their handicap since its a handicapped event. Finally, I can choose which tees they'll be playing from.

And then as I add more and more golfers, I'll then have the ability to select team names for each golfer.

You can also import this information if you have it in a spreadsheet. As long as the column headers for your spreadsheet match up with what PlayThru has in the import window, then all of the information should funnel into the correct spot. As soon as that's done importing, I should have a full list of every golfer that I've got In the event.

The important column in the Golfers tab for a two-person best ball event is on the left side of the table. This is the two best ball team name. You can sort by this column to simplify management. Now, we've got both of our golfers who are part of the same team listed. At any point you can come in here and edit the team name and it should automatically update for each team member.

It is important to note that all team names must be consistent across the players. PlayThru uses the team names to match up players on the scorecard and if they are written differently, then it can't compare individual scorecards.

Once everything's configured, it's time to go over to the Scorecard tab. You can grab this link in the Scorecard tab and share it with everyone in your outing or the QR code will take you to the exact same spot.

Two-Person best Ball Scoring

When the scorecard loads, your golfers can select who they are keeping score for, which is up to four players, and then hit "Tee off." They'll be taken righ to their starting hole to start entering scores.

At the bottom is a leaderboard snapshop and a link to the full leaderboard, which includes a list of all the two-person best ball team names ranked by their score.

As the event organizer, you can scroll down the leaderboard to the master scorecard and click the icon. And as long as you enter in the pin number that you saved over here in the scorecard tab, you'll get access to the master scorecard. This is where you can access and edit anybody's scorecard in the event.

Post-Event Record Keeping

As soon as the event is over, if you come back to the Outer Organizer, on the right hand side is an export button. If you click this button, a CSV file will download. In it, you'll find the name of the event, the link and some of the information about how the event was set up along with a list of all the golfers, their teammates, and all their scores.

Below that you have your tee information, so hopefully that makes it easy to compare and contrast and evaluate the scores and do your fact checking if you need to afterwards. It's also a good way to save that stuff for record keeping for the, any sort of future tournaments.

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