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How To Set Up a Teams Golf Event in PlayThru

At PlayThru, we believe a golf event can be made up of two different types of teams—Group Teams and Event Teams.

This article and PlayThru feature specifically refer to event team scoring.

PlayThru's Team Leaderboard feature enables you to assign each of your golfers to a team, and then view the team standings throughout the round right on the live leaderboard.

This resource details how to set up a teams event in PlayThru.

Setting Up a Teams Event

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you set up and make the most of this exciting feature.

Step 1: Accessing the Teams Feature

  1. Log into your PlayThru account.
  2. Navigate to the dashboard and select the event to open the Outing Organizer.
  3. In the Event Tab, tap the Teams checkbox.

When you turn on the Teams feature, a second teams field will appear on the screen. You can set up your event to drop a certain team member’s score from the team total. For example, you can remove the best score from the team total or the worst score from the team total. 

Step 2: Assigning Golfers to Teams

  1. Navigate to the Golfers Tab.
  2. You will now see a “Team Name” column. You won't see this column if you have not checked the “Teams” circle in the Event Tab.  
  3. Enter a team name for each golfer. You can also import team names via a CSV file. 


Viewing the Team Leaderboard

The team leaderboard will appear on the Live Leaderboard screen directly above the ranking of individual scores. 

Teams are sorted from best to worst. What constitutes best to worst depends on if you're playing a stroke play or point-based event. Ties are broken by comparing each team's total score over the last nine holes, last six, last 3, and final hole. Here are more details about tiebreakers.

At any point, golfers can tap a team name and view each team member’s score. If you have the drop-score feature turned on, the score not included in the team total will be grayed out. 

If you turn on the Team Leaderboard feature, there is no way currently to hide the leaderboard from your golfers. That said, from within the Outing Organizer, you can turn on the Team Leaderboard at any point (including after the event is over), and the team scores will appear. 

Currently, team scoring is only available for individual or scramble events. We will roll teams out to all other game formats in the coming months. 

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