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How to Share a PlayThru Scorecard Link

PlayThru Create an Event

The Share Tab in the outing organizer is where you'll find all the resources needed to share your scorecard with your golfers and spectators. They can open the scorecard on any mobile browser.

To share the event link, simply copy the shortened URL and send it to your group via email, text or add it to a cart flier. From there they can tap or type the URL directly into their browser address bar to open the scorecard.

You can also share the QR code. Your golfers simply need to point their phone's camera at the QR code and the option to open the link should appear. Simply tapping that will open the phone's browser and take them directly to the scorecard. QR codes are great to feature on an event website or the cart flier.

Update Your Master Scorecard Pin

The Master Scorecard is where you as the outing organizer can update and edit player scores and calculate skin winners. This section is protected by a pin number, so only you can make updates.

By default, the Master Scorecard pin is set to 0000, but you can change this to a different number. Use the Set Your Master Scorecard Pin field to update this number.

The Pin must be a number and can't include any letters or special characters.

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