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How to Create a golf Event

From your Event Dashboard, click the yellow “Create Event” button. 

PlayThru Create an Event

You’ll be prompted to enter in a name for your event. This name will be used on your dashboard and visible on the mobile scorecard. No need to stress about coming up with the perfect name, you can always edit it later. 

After entering your event name, click the “Create Event” button. You'll be taken to the Outing Organizer. Here you’ll set up your event, customize course settings and enter golfers

Event Settings

PlayThru Event Setup Tab

NOTE: Selections here will make corresponding fields visible in the Golfers section. So if you don’t see a spot for handicaps when entering golfers, make sure handicaps is checked in Event Settings.

Date: Set a date for your event. This has no impact on the scorecard, but helps differentiate events on the Event Dashboard. 

Score Format: Select a scoring format for your event. PlayThru currently offers four event formats‍

From there, configure how your event will work.

Handicap: Enables you to apply handicaps to golfer scores. Handicaps require a tee with hole handicap values. PlayThru then compares the golfer’s handicap to the hole handicap. If the golfer’s handicap is greater than or equal to the hole handicap, a stroke is subtracted from their score. If a player has a handicap greater than 18, an extra stroke is subtracted from their score on the hardest holes.

For example, if a golfer’s handicap is 20, they will receive two strokes on the two lowest handicapped holes. 

IMPORTANT: To be used, you must also enter in pars and hole handicaps for each tee in the Course section of the Outing Organizer. 

Adjust Handicaps for Course: PlayThru can adjust a golfer’s handicap for the tees they are playing. Handicaps are adjusted using the USGA’s formula. Adjusted Handicap = Handicap x (Slope Rating / 113) + (Course Rating - Course Par)

IMPORTANT: To be used, you must also enter in pars, hole handicaps, slope and course rating for each tee in the Course section of the Outing Organizer. 

Flights: Group golfers together by playing ability. Associate each golfer with a letter or number (e.g., A, B, 1, 2, 3). The leaderboard will then break up golfers into their own groups and calculate their position compared to others within that group. [IMAGE] 

Teams: Flights can be used as teams for Two-Person Best Ball and Match Play events. For these events, holes won are tallied for each match based on flight. The teams scores are visible on the leaderboard page. It is recommended not to create no more than two teams. 

Shotgun Start: When selected, enter in start holes for each of your golfers. When using the scorecard, the golfer will go straight to that hole rather than starting at hole

Course Settings

PlayThru Tee Setup

The Course Settings section is where you can enter in your tee information. You can add up to 5 tees for each event. 

Tee Name: Give each tee its own name. Once created, the tee name shown here will be visible in the golfer’s tab to associate golfers with a specific tee. 

Hole Pars: Enter in the pars for each hole. Stableford, Match Play and Two Person Best Ball events require pars be entered. If pars are entered for a Stroke Play event, the golfer’s score will be shown in relation to par, otherwise it will show the golfer’s total score.

If your event is using handicaps ...

Hole Handicaps: Enter in handicaps if you are playing a handicapped event. The values entered here will be used to determine if, and how many strokes a golfer gets on each hole. 

If your event is using adjusted handicaps ...

Slope Rating: This value is set for each course, and sometimes for each teebox. It is used to adjust handicaps for the course. If you aren’t adjusting handicaps, you don’t need to enter it. 

Course Rating: This value is also set for each course and sometimes teebox. If you aren’t adjusting handicaps for the course you don’t need to enter a value here. 
The Course Settings section is where you can enter in your teebox information. You can add up to 5 tees for each event. 

hole Competitions

The skillshots / hole competitions section gives you the ability to post a message to the scorecard for specific holes. Many events use them to announce hole competitions or proximity contests.

Others use the space to give sponsors recognition or provide useful tips about playing the hole. Whatever your need, anything entered here will be shown directly below the par and handicap information at the top of the scorecard.

Golfer Settings

PlayThru Golfer Upload Section

The golfers section is where you’ll input your golfer information. The following two options are always visible on the page. 

Name: This is the name that will be shown on the scorecard and leaderboard. 

Tee: This is the tee the golfer will be playing from. You’ll set up pars and handicaps in the Course Settings section. 

All other options below are visible depending on what you’ve selected on in the Event Settings section: 

Handicap: Enter the golfer’s handicap.

Flight: Enter a designation for each flight (or if playing a Match Play event, a team name). Recommendation: Try to keep flights names short. 

Start Hole: Enter in the hole the golfer will tee off from. Enter in a number or number letter combination.

Opponent: After entering in more than one golfer, you’ll see a drop down of golfer names. Select a golfer to pit against each golfer. TIP: You may need to hit the “Refresh List” button to get the last golfer included in the dropdown. 

Teammate: Same as Opponent, enter in more than one golfer, and then select from a drop down of golfer names. Select a golfer to pair with each golfer. SAME TIP: You may need to hit the “Refresh List” button to get the last golfer included in the dropdown. 

Deleting golfers

If you need to remove a golfer, simply click the trashcan icon at the end of the golfer’s row. 

Importing golfers

To save time on adding golfers, if you have a CSV file of your event, import the information using the “Import” button. There must be a “Name” column. PlayThru can also import Flight, Handicap and Starting Hole. 

Exporting Results

At any time export your golfers. The export includes all of the fields above along with any scores entered during their round.

Share Your Link

PlayThru Share a Link Screen

Finally share your event's shortened link with all golfers and spectators. Simply copy the link and send it via email, text or add it to a cart flier.

Be sure to set your master scorecard pin. The pin will be required to access the master scorecard from the leaderboard page. By default, all master scorecard pins are set to 000.

Pro Shop

Add custom background images

Event upgrades are fun add-ons you can turn on for each event. They are designed to help you personalize your scorecard and showcase any sponsors. 

Background Images

Change out the background images on each hole and the leaderboard and upload your own images. Showcase sponsor logos or ads. Promote raffle baskets or other giveaways. Post embarrassing pictures of your buddies for the entire group to see. 

The options are endless (so long as it’s an image). Use only .jpg, .png or .gifs files. 

Not Finding Answers

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